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Scottish Labour MPs have slapped down their party colleague Diane Abbott after she accused Jim Murphy of trying to "expropriate
The argument for Scottish independence is one of heart over head. Study the detail, and you quickly realise that independence would involve a great unravelling of shared and highly integrated institutions, regulators and business relationships, which currently serve Scotland well.
If Business Secretary Vince Cable had simply dumped up to £1bn of taxpayers' money off the top of his Department's Victoria Street HQ to flutter into the lake in St James's Park, the British public would rightly demand his immediate resignation.
Proposals by water companies to increase bills as an "incentive" to beat their service targets have been branded "ridiculous
Despite being the government department charged with representing the interest of business around the Cabinet table, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has worryingly little direct input from the business sector when it comes to conducting their own work.
Alex Salmond's long-awaited white paper on Scottish independence has appeared, rounding off the last full year Scots have before the referendum that will decide our constitutional future. And what an underwhelming document it is.