Afro Voice, Mzwanele Manyi's attempt to resurrect Gupta-tarnished The New Age, has shut down. HuffPost spoke to several journalists who have worked there.
ANN7 owner Mzwanele Manyi says the channel is getting a makeover to break with its Gupta-linked past.
Manyi said that in an effort to save 500 jobs, he wanted to clarify that he no longer owed the Guptas any money, and they were no longer a part of the television station and newspaper.
The SABC board has instituted a forensic investigation into claims made by a former ANN7 editor that the embattled news channel acquired access to the public broadcaster's archives.
A new book blows the lid on Atul Gupta’s empire of fear at ANN7.
"I think you should keep the funny shows out. Lampooning politicians for cheap humour is not news."
Despite earlier claims that four ANN7 officials were detained, home affairs now says this is not true.
A source at the news channel said the three Indian journalists were leaving for home after work when they were detained.
The new 24-hour TV news channel that will have to compete against eNCA and SABC News.
Workers at a third Gupta-owned mine have not been paid, as have employees at the family's former media houses.