Annabel Karmel

As an older mum of a two year old, I sometimes struggle on some bits of parenting. All my friends have older kids and most of the time can't remember or have blocked out when key milestones happened.
Mumpreneur is a term that divides opinion, but Annabel Karmel sees it as badge of honour, as she believes mothers develop
The UK's most famous children's cookery writer Annabel Karmel has had claims she fired a sales manager because he spurned
I thought back to my time as a young mum. The baby food industry was nothing like the £611 Million annual UK industry it is today. Attitudes were different. I always made sure that I was at home around meal times and the odd time we went on a day trip, I had a bag of little pots made up ready to go.
On Friday 12th July, the much awaited School Food Plan was published; something that I am involved in with the co-founders of Leon restaurants, Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent. It is a huge project and Henry and John have brought together teachers, heads, cooks, caterers, parents, children and government to determine how to increase the number of children eating good, nutritious, hot meals at school.
Some media reports made an example of individual cases - an ice cream brioche coming in at 2,144 calories and a meatball sandwich "containing more fat per serving than a Big Mac". What's important to note is that this research is based on analysis of the nutritional values of randomly selected recipes created by celebrity chefs. There is also no proof that more indulgent recipes directly lead to higher rates of obesity.
As best advice, that feels like a great way to sum up the session: confronting the fear of failure head on, having the courage to go ahead but having the connections (and the right questions to ask them) to make things work.
When you've got a fussy eater to contend with, it's of little wonder parents become locked in a battle of wills and meal times begin to feel like a war zone. The battle lines were drawn more times than I care to remember - especially with my son. But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there had to be a way for me to declare victory.