anne marie waters

Labour has called for Westley to be sacked for praising far-right activist Anne Marie Waters, who has called Islam "evil".
What I discovered was that far from being the old image of skinheads with jackboots and swastika tattoos, those who identify with the far right now are much more likely to be wearing Barbour or North Face clothes, and have sharp haircuts. They use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and podcasts to get their views across, which connects with young people. This image change is actually drawing women in.
But far-right expert warns Anne-Marie Waters policies could be popular with the public.
Leadership battles in political parties are notoriously bad-tempered affairs, but Ukip seem determined to take it to a whole
MEPs had threatened to quit should Anne Marie Waters become deputy leader.
The frontrunner in the Ukip leadership race will not make anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters his deputy should he win