Anne Robinson

The This Morning presenter recalled being furious after the Countdown star made a dig about him “sacrificing fatherhood for fame".
The BBC quiz show will be returning to our screens after an almost decade-long absence.
The former Weakest Link star will make her debut at the helm of Countdown on Monday.
"Times have changed so much that I don’t think we could even make The Weakest Link today."
Unpleasant clips from Anne's past have resurfaced after it was announced she is the new host of Countdown.
The former Weakest Link host is taking over from outgoing presenter Nick Hewer.
It's been two decades since Anne Robinson first uttered the immortal phrase: "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"
From uncomfortable X Factor critiques to ill-judged Takeaway sketches.
She previously admitted her 'shock' at learning her co-host was being paid more than her.
Please older sisters, if the #MeToo movement leaves you cold, leave it alone