Anthony Fauci

Nation’s top infectious disease expert raises fears over surging infections in Texas, Arizona and Florida.
Texas, Arizona and Florida all reported the highest single-day increases in coronavirus cases on Tuesday.
The president is planning rallies and retreating from the fight against Covid-19 just as many states are gripped by their worst outbreaks yet.
Dr Anthony Fauci says a lot is still unknown about Covid-19.
The chilling message was part of a filmed report on the protest by TV journalist Kevin Vesey, who has become a target of Trump on Twitter.
Cases of the syndrome among children are rising. Symptoms include fever, inflammation and organ damage, health experts say, and it can be lethal.
A new antibody test has been found to be '100% accurate', while a top WHO official warns that Covid-19 'may never go away'. Here's the latest.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said moving forward too quickly “would actually set us back."
A further 589 deaths linked to coronavirus have been recorded in hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales. Here's the latest on Covid-19.