mith's appointment smacks of the type of compromise which, in time, will poison the living, beating, vital heart of the movement Corbyn has been raised up by. It should be criticised and there is no gain to be made from the type of loyalty which shields Corbyn from such criticism. To do that, would be to hand the Labour leader a real poisoned chalice.
David Cameron was berated as he arrived for the Tory party conference in Manchester on Saturday. Protesters gathered outside
McDonnell's views on austerity, as well as reflecting a substantial body of opinion throughout the country, can rightly be said to represent conventional Labour party thought. Which party would want for its shadow chancellor someone whose economic philosophy was out of kilter with its mainstream?
Dear leadership candidates for the Labour Party, Before the quelled vitriol that has sizzled the top of my oesophagus for
For her part, Church has simply retorted how pleased she was to have pissed Mensch [and Katie Hopkins] off. Louise Mensch
What I wonder here, is how these movements are felt and understood when those images never come to light because the cameras are switched off? By Monday no one is even mentioning Saturday's 250,000 strong protest. Does this mean it may well as not have happened? What I am interested in, and keenly aware of as a feminist, is the problem of preaching to the converted.
Prior to the launch of the general election campaign I accepted some advice, albeit with much scepticism I rejoined the Labour
UPDATE: Brand Responds To Heckler With Dig At The Daily Mail Charlotte Church Is Delighted To Have P*ssed Off Louise Mensch
Charlotte Church has hit back at those questioning the motives behind her growing political activism and said that high profile
Singer-turned-activist Charlotte Church branded David Cameron "misogynistic" and "gross" at an anti-austerity rally on Thursday