We're planning to stay here all day in protest at government plans to force fracking on communities across the country. Today we want to show David Cameron's government - this is what it feels like to have the shale gas industry pushed on you against your own will.
Fracking presents a new challenge for OPEC, as well as opportunities. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that, over the next five years, one-third of the new oil production of the world will be developed in the USA. By 2020, the US will be a net exporter of gas. By 2035. It will be energy self-sufficient, they say...
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas will be prosecuted for her role in anti-fracking demonstrations, the Crown Prosecution Service
Police tackle fracking protesters This morning, Mr Medhurst and Ms Hynde superglued their hands together in a "human lock
Or the accidental fracktivists   It's always the case. That karmic force of coincidence* which means you learn the most obscure