At ONE, we're working very hard to urge all governments to do their part. The good news for the UK is that others are stepping up, so the UK's share of the cost can fall a little. For a contribution of £1.2 billion over the next five years, averaging just £8 per year for each UK taxpayer, British support could save 1.5 million lives. What can be the argument for doing less?
Vince Cable has been forced to issue an embarrassing clarification after appearing to criticise pop group One Direction for
Vince Cable attacked the earnings of One Direction as he unveiled new minimum wage increases, calling the pop band's £5m
Government plans to freeze or cut the minimum wage have been criticised by anti-poverty campaigners, economists and ministers
The credit for these achievements doesn't lie with celebrity rockstars, though they've certainly helped. It belongs to African citizens and the millions who campaign in solidarity with them such as those who marched for Drop the Debt and Make Poverty History.
So, as we celebrate the new Impact section on Huffington Post we should celebrate the impact charities like Children In Need and Family Action are having on children and young people. We must also make sure that we campaign for change and improvements so that young people can get the best start in life and they have the opportunity to have a positive impact on all our futures.