The days of the Marlboro man are well and truly over. From next year every single packet of cigarettes sold in the UK will
Parliament has opened the door for legislation that would prevent children from being exposed to second-hand smoke in cars
So the consultation is over. The relevant minister is convinced. The Liberal Democrats support a new law – indeed they were the first major party to embrace it, back in 2009. Yet the issue remains in the balance. So let me help ministers by setting out the pros and cons.
Cigarettes and other tobacco products should be sold in plain packaging, the Scottish government has said. The pledge makes
This week I have been made aware of two PSAs. The first and the main subject of this article is from the Ontario Ministry Of Health and deals with that most maligned of habits - smoking - and in particular the somewhat unjustifiable modern trend of 'social smoking'. The second is a film from Serbia highlighting the effects of domestic violence.
Could plain packaging for cigarettes be more than just smoke without fire? The move is set to be announced in the Queen's
Madonna has made a big threat against people smoking around her, stating that she would pull out of a performance if concert
Sludge green packaging with gruesome pictures of rotting teeth, eyeballs, blackened lungs and suffering babies will become
Governments around the world LOVE smokers, because we build hospitals, highways, schools, and transport networks... We're their Golden Cash Cows.
More than half of Brits resent colleagues who smoke and insist cigarette breaks should be docked from their wages, according