We can't let terror win - the common refrain in the aftermath of the now all too frequent terror attacks. But ISIS is already winning. There's no shame in admitting because the terrorists have effectively rigged the game, in two important and connected ways.
The Government has been warned its new anti-terror laws need stronger protections to prevent journalists’ sources from being
The National Union of Students has defended inviting one of the directors of CAGE - a group which said Jihadi John was a
Police launched an anti-terror operation in an eastern Belgian city on Thursday, with witnesses reporting gunfire and explosions
As Theresa May continues her crusade to establish the ideal neocon police state, Muslims took to social media to express their frustration at the Government's latest Orwellian policy.
When the Home Secretary said "British values will prevail in the end" against extremism, if she's talking about freedom of speech, then she's certainly missed a trick. The fact that surfaces with the revelation of these measures under the banner of "British Values" is in reality a demonization of a single community - a community just like any other.
Ethiopia's Minister of Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs official Twitter account has been deleted on Tuesday night, after she slammed Uganda for passing it's anti-gay law.
Extradition, in other words, does nothing for the fight against terrorism. On the contrary, it is a self-serving red-herring designed to conceal the dubious systemic failures of British and American security agencies from public knowledge, while vindicating their unaccountable powers to override the rule of law.
A number of homes have been evacuated after suspicious substances were found during a raid by anti-terror police. Residents
Powers designed to combat terrorism and serious crime have been used to catch dog owners whose pets fouled the streets and