With August 17th looming and little other than speculation available, the world of online business and the corporations critiquing Google's practices will be holding their collective breaths as events unfold over the coming weeks.
What we tend to ignore, when we decide to jump head over heels into the dating soup, that in dating, speed dating, online dating or blind dating, each of us turns up with a very limited amount of trust and an enormous stash of barriers and protection.
Apple has been found not guilty of engaging in anti-competitive behaviour with iTunes and the iPod. The 10-year case was
The tide is finally beginning to turn when it comes to trust in the banking industry. After the collapse of public trust following the uncertainty of the financial crisis, confidence levels are slowly returning - if only among those with higher bank balances.
When it comes to search results returned by the world's largest search engine, businesses in all online verticals such as news or mapping have a right to be given just the same treatment as Google's own products - a right which Google yet has to recognise.
Facebook owns an incredible amount of information about, and created by, its users and as a result data security is key to maintain confidence in the site. A significant data breach would mean a PR backlash, regulatory investigations and civil liability to its users for negligence and other causes of action.