anti-vaccine movement

What neither camps fails to understand is that the motives for both sides are the same. At the end of the day, all parents are scared of making a wrong decision, of something horrible happening to their child.
Mark Zuckerberg drew the ire of conspiracy theorists on Saturday after the Facebook chief posted a picture of his daughter
No, participation in mass immunisation programmes should not be your individual choice. It is not about you. It should be civic duty, like numerous other regulations you are required to comply with. Your 'freedom' to make this decision is not relevant.
An anti-vaccination group has come under fire after a photograph was posted on its Facebook page which compared rape to being
A measles outbreak that begin in Disneyland, California and rapidly spread to communities across America was linked to low
The crux of my problem with the current debate is that this just isn't one of those decisions we make for our families alone. This isn't one of the times where you get to weigh it up and make the call. This isn't about your individual freedom, its about basic community responsibility.