Anton Ferdinand

England fans have been reported to Fifa for alleged racist chanting towards Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton during the
Sir Alex Ferguson has welcomed Rio and Anton Ferdinand's decision to release a statement after their boycott of the Kick
Rio Ferdinand has decided to shake hands with Ashley Cole prior to Chelsea and Manchester United's Premier League clash on
Racism is of course not solely a football problem. It's a societal problem of which football is its most public symptom. This is why it is so crucial that when it emerges in the game it is dealt with seriously and without any attempt at equivocation or sympathy towards those guilty of propagating or normalising it.
Credibility is fundamental to campaigning organisations. People need to trust you in order to back your campaign and - crucially - tell someone else about it. They want to know you are speaking out and standing up for what you believe in. But you also need to have some access to those in power if you are to get them to listen to you and secure change.
John Terry has apologised for racially insulting Anton Ferdinand and will not appeal his Football Association charge. The
There will be a million words and countless opinions on the written reasons for the John Terry verdict published by the FA. It is possibly one of the most contrived and brazenly arrogant documents you are likely to read; what shocks is how there seems to be little attempt to veil the hearing's motivation but more stunning still is that it shows a process so bewilderingly, frantically determined to get its man that the outcome is even worse than we could have thought.
The Football Association has declared in their report into John Terry's trial for using racially abusive language that the
When the FA assembled its learned John Terry star chamber, chaired by an as yet anonymous QC, we can be in no doubt that justice was going to "seen to be done". But the desired effect has been achieved. A procession of hacks, no doubt gnashing their teeth with rage and indignation when the judge delivered his verdict at the court trial have had a revival.
Sir Alex Ferguson has labelled John Terry's four-match ban "quite lenient" after he was found guilty of airing a racial slur