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Barclays has posted a 5% fall in profits for the first three months of the year as earnings from its investment bank slumped
We don't doubt that Antony Jenkins is serious when he said he wanted to clean up his bank, but to do so he must start to really listen to his customers, be that around executive pay or tax havens...
Barclays is "telling customers to go to hell" rather than becoming the "go to" bank, shareholders warned bank bosses during
Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins has turned down his bonus for the second year running, arguing that it would "not be right" to
Barclays chief executive Antony Jenkins has admitted it could take as long as a decade for the bank to win back public trust
In Johannesburg, Unilever's CEO Paul Polman summed up our predicament neatly to a room of 1,250 young leaders from across the globe: "Never before has a generation faced such devastating problems," but crucially in the same breath "never before has the same generation had the tools to fix them."
Barclays new chief executive Antony Jenkins has pledged to transform the bank and refocus its ideals in an attempt to win
The bonus pot at state-backed Royal Bank of Scotland will shrink this year as the bank pays an estimated £350 million fine
As everyone seems to be keen to point out, Antony Jenkins (no relation!) is everything his predecessor, Bob Diamond, is not. A retail banker to his socks, he is British, understated and engaging.