Unusually, most of the suspects are women.
It was ear before, but now it's disappeared. That was the view of Associated Press re-touching experts when they looked closer
The football season's fully underway and we're getting back into the thick of the action again. I'm just so thankful to technology that I now have the luxury of keeping up-to-date with every second of the game with news, stats, videos and more via the press of a button in the palm of my hand - as opposed to pulling my hair out waiting for the paperboy!
Children are believed to be among 19 dead after a helicopter crashed into a hilltop in Siberia, according to Russian authorities
The FBI is investigating how hackers managed to send a fake Associated Press tweet announcing an attack on the White House
Around 1,000 dead ducks have been found in China's Nanhe river in Pengshan count, Sichuan Province. The news comes as the
Chinese officials have fished 2,200 dead pigs out of Shanghai's Huangpu River, which is used as a drinking water source for
Dramatic video has been released of the rescue of 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty. The boat lost power
The US Coast Guard rescued 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty on Monday, with two crew members still missing
The film, entitled Innocence of Muslims, is a crudely shot, low budget film which depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a drunk