Lady Gaga has unveiled the lyric video for her brand new single, 'Applause'. REVIEW: Lady Gaga 'Applause' - 'Has Gaga been
Lady Gaga released new single 'Applause' on Monday In reality though, Gaga's warpaint tied in with the artwork for her new
The wait is over - Lady Gaga's 'Applause' is finally here! The singer was forced to rush-release the much-anticipated track
The arts industry is, especially today, awash with the cult of personality. Too often the focus is drawn to the people at the top, or the PR stunts that propel them onto a few thousand twitter feeds and by which an industry appears to now be judged, diverting the issues or introducing unnecessary ones.
Every summer I sit amazed and delighted at the BBC Proms audience who so enthusiastically, and yet often politely, applaud between movements while I so often sneakily snigger at the woman, a being of the utmost conventional practice, sitting in front who would always shake her hear in utter disapproval at the vulgarity of such a concept.
At this time last year, I posted a video clip of audiences clapping out the conference season (HERE). This year, I've produced