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Apple has won a significant patent battle in Munich that could see Motorola smartphones running Google's Android software
TAIPEI-Apple Inc. is working with component suppliers in Asia to test a new tablet computer with a smaller screen, people
Apparently as a result of the Proview iPad trademark infringement verdict, some local Administrations of Industry and Commerce
Apple's iPad 2 was only released on March 2 2011, but the Apple iPad 3 release rumours and heating up. Naturally, Apple has
Apple's not holding an event in February. But it is holding one in March -- to launch its next iPad.
Apple has pulled several iPad and iPhone models from its German online store after Motorola Mobility enforced a patent injunction
UK unions say Apple is ignoring they key issue of workers' right to assemble, as the company defends itself against allegations
The explosion ripped through Building A5 on a Friday evening last May, an eruption of fire and noise that twisted metal pipes
Phil Schiller's just introduced iBooks Author, a free OS X program for producing books including -- yes -- educational texts
Many Apple users feared their private information had been hacked on Friday after a widespread login failure hit iTunes and