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Plus, why did Apple skip the iPhone 9?
Some have argued that Apple has yet to win the argument that its upcoming Watch is an essential purchase. But at least one
Apple is holding its latest "event" on March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, California, where it is expected
Turns out, iPhones are expensive in China. Expensive enough to inspire people into strapping dozens of the things to themselves
Steve Jobs is an icon of such magnitude, you might assume almost every picture ever taken of the man is already collected
The big problem with the iWatch - except for the fact that it isn't out yet, is square and probably has worse battery life
Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he is "proud to be gay". Cook came out publicly for the first time in a deeply personal blog
How much better are this year's iPads that the previous generation? In the case of the Air 2, significantly. It has a much
We've counted. Apple now makes 56 iPads, if you count all the colour, data type and storage size variations. So which is
Apple unveiled the new iPad Mini 3 with Retina Display at events in California and Berlin on Thursday. Our full write up