Apple spoofs

The folks at College Humor have finally said what we're all thinking, with this spoof Apple advert featuring a rather odd
We've been queuing all night, and it's finally here! The first advert spoofing the Apple Watch! "It does so many cool little
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Is it just us, or is it all a bit too much now? (Created by Amanda Wilkie and David Beresford) SEE ALSO: Page 47 Of Apple's
A new Mac has been announced - but it's not quite what we expected. Click play to watch Apple's Phil Schiller take you through
Now here's a sight familiar to anyone that's ever set foot inside an Apple store. Young, enthusiastic members of staff wearing
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(Product design for The Huffington Post UK by David Schneider and @chigwiri.) More TOPICALOLs: Wayne Rooney Stars In 'Skyfall