Are you reading this on your iPad, bargain basement Touchpad or Asus Eee? Well, if you are, then you may just about be on
I really want to like Skype. So why don't I? Basically, for all the inverse reasons I love my i-gear. It doesn't look good, it isn't easy to use, and it never works. OK, not never, but it tends to work best when you're just a few hundred metres away from the person you want to communicate with.
What bothers me most about this is the implication that Apple believes it leads the market on style rather than substance. Some people will always be prepared to pay a premium for Apple's cosmetic appeal but they're in a minority.
There's a phrase for this phenomenon: 'second screen'. Doing something on one screen - be it a mobile, tablet or laptop - related to what you're watching on the bigger screen in the corner of your living room.
Apple have won the tablet battle - but there are wars elsewhere in the technology market still to be won.
These televisions are televisions with Internet access, which enables you to use the TV as a portal for all manner of online services. Surf the Web, share email or access any supported video-on-demand service, including YouTube. And much more...
Cash-strapped students can compete to win a £500 shopping spree by completing challenges in return for points with the help
Apple bas been accused of a lot of things. Being too secretive. Pandering to an obsessive fan base. But until now it's never
Now is the time for him to honour that achievement by showing that he is, in fact, human after all.
There's something rotten about my laptop, and my phone, and my iPod and accessories. It's not that they were they made by lowly paid workers in poor conditions.
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