The slim and saucy new HTC Titan and Radar Windows 7.5 phones launched tonight in London, in tandem with events across Europe
A man in Tokyo has created a unique tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by running a 21km route around the Japanese city
As I type this, the British government has just pledged to financially support the International Committee of the Red Cross as it steps up essential help for those injured during Libya's week of conflict, with aid for up to 5,000 wounded, along with food and household essentials for another 690,000. The announcement comes as a quiet reminder that in amongst the headline-grabbing images of rebels waltzing their way round Gaddafi's glitzy mansion, this uprising, like the others that preceded it across the Middle East and Africa this year, this has not been a conflict without horrific casualties.
Apple recently reported record third quarter results with revenue up 82 percent and profits up 125 percent. By the end of this fiscal year, Apple will likely pass the $100 billion mark in sales, and will become larger than IBM.
teve Jobs' ill-health resignation as CEO of Apple is sadder news still for those of us who love the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook - and being on the same side as the world's coolest company. But St Steve's decision also helps us ask what has driven the amazing, super-charged career of a university drop-out. What's the secret?
1.) Maintain a positive relationship with Steve Jobs: No matter what happens, that's an important part of his job. Because
I'm going to tell you about the first time I met Tim Cook and why, from that day forward, I have never once worried about
While investors have twitched at news of Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple's CEO this morning, it's an overdue move that clears the way for a well-earned retirement and the destruction of the myth that Jobs is some kind of Atlas.
Suppliers to Apple Inc have reportedly begun production of the lower-priced iPhone 4. The Reuters news agency cited two sources
What do Nelson Mandela, Apple and The Olympics have in common? Well, according to a new poll by BritainThinks they're the
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