Today is Equal Pay Day and, for the rest of the year, women in the UK will effectively be working for free thanks to the
Apprenticeships mean putting true investment into an individual and then reaping the rewards of the contribution that they make. Businesses have the ability to shape an employee into a particular role, meaning that their company benefits in the areas where they need to most. We therefore urge small businesses to consider what role they can play within their organisations, as well as policy-makers to continue to smooth the pathway for companies bringing more apprentices into the system.
It's genuinely exciting to see that there are now entry routes for people from the widest possible range of educational backgrounds, all of them getting the chance to climb a career ladder that can take them right to the top.
Across the country, tens of thousands of students are getting ready for the end of the academic year - and facing one of
DERREN LAWFORD - LONDON LIVE COMMISSIONING EXEC. Derren Lawford, Commissioning Exec at London Live explained: " London Live
I dropped out of school at 15 with no qualifications, in much the same situation as the residents of James Turner Street on Channel 4's Benefits Street. But thanks to a plumbing apprenticeship, hard work and an old box of tools I bought at an auction, I now own London's biggest independent plumbing firm, which I built myself from the ground up.
Now we have said goodbye to 2013, there will be many personal New Year resolutions made as we stride forward into 2014. Those in business will be looking at how they can improve operations, set new targets, meet new goals.
Throughout the Challenge the apprentices get the chance to improve skills that are much sought after in the workplace, gaining something personally while also helping their organisation by using the new skills they have learned in the workplace.
I've said time and time again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that we need to change the way we fund the country's apprenticeships if we are going to get anywhere with solving problems with unemployment and our skills gap.
If any further evidence was needed of how far Labour leader Ed Milliband is from living in the real world, then the opening of his party's conference drove it home. Going for the headline grabbing policies that you'd expect from an opposition leader, Ed put his hand into the bag full of issues concerning the electorate and pulled out 'foreign workers' and 'apprenticeships.'
It looks like things might finally be changing for the better in the funding debate following the Government's announcement of a consultation on Funding Reform for Apprenticeships in England. This is great news because aside from increasing the social acceptance of apprenticeships as a genuine alternative to university.
Throughout my time in education, apprenticeships were perceived to be for people who were not academic or motivated enough to go to university; they were and still are perceived to be second rate.
Here at D-Drill we train them, we look after them and we show them that there is a career progression here for them if they want it. Many of my managers have come up through the ranks having started as an apprentice.
The Mayor of London donned a tangerine boiler suit on Monday to visit the Crossrail Tunnelling Academy in Ilford Essex, where
Apprenticeships aren't only good for young people trying to find their way into work, now we can prove they're good for business
There is a compelling need for more - and better - youth apprenticeships. Long-term youth unemployment is rising as fast as university tuition fees, yet employers are complaining of a lack of skilled labour. It is because there is a black hole of no education and no work-related training into which over a quarter of a million young people are falling every year.
The owner of a successful business who established a school to train young apprentices has called on the government to close
Small businesses are to be given cash bonuses as incentives to take on young apprentices in a new government initiative, launched
Memories of the past are often forgotten quite easily though and as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson's Apprenticeship Ambassador I hanker for the days when the tagline an apprentice was not solely synonymous with a TV programme or seen as a second tier route for those not able to make it through the 'normal' academic route.