Arab League

28 March marks 10 years from the launch of the ground-breaking, Saudi-led, Arab Peace Initiative (API). But don't expect to hear the sound of celebrations. A decade later, the proposal, which seemed so promising on paper, has failed to make a mark on the ground.
Foreign Secretary William Hague has urged Russia to join diplomatic efforts to end the violence in Syria as he warned the
A summit of more than 70 nations has declared support for an immediate ceasefire in Syria. The Arab League, United States
The European Union will freeze the assets of the Syrian Central Bank to further pressure President Assad's regime to stop
Members of the Arab League have called for a military force to be created to impose peace on Syria at an international conference
Ruthless Arab dictators have terrified the people around them to the point of total sycophancy, where praise and subservience
Plans to send a joint United Nations and Arab League peacekeeping force in to Syria must be discussed "urgently", Foreign
The Arab League has called on the United Nations to join it in deploying peacekeepers in Syria, amid concerns about rising
In 2001 the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty published a report that challenged the traditional concept of security as the idea of territorial defence from an external aggressor.
Saturday's day of death in the besieged city of Homs at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces beheld the worst episode of violence in Syria's chronic 11-month uprising.