Arab women

This exciting eyebrow and blackened eyes are all these covered women have to show off their charm and their personality and they make the most of it, even starting the hottest trend in beauty.
Women of the Middle East: oh those poor oppressed souls; forced to cover themselves from head to toe by their polygamous, blood relative husbands who consider them like a commodity. Or are they?
International Women's Day is an important celebration of the great strides women around the world are making to ensure they are recognised and working towards equality.
We need to face some depressing facts about the Arab Spring and develop a robust policy response. While the Arab Spring has opened up opportunities for women in the long-term, in the short-term the google-generation has - for now, at least - been pushed aside by the hard men of the military and the long-established Islamist parties.
The Arab Spring represents a remarkable opportunity for Arab women to take back their rightful place in their own societies as equals.
Women of the revolution, do not allow yourselves to be sidelined. Fight for your rights with the tenacity and intelligence you used against dictators; your countries need you, and you owe it to your children and grandchildren to provide them with a better future using your unique skills.