This is about so much more than arachnophobia. It’s about learning to accept discomfort as a necessary part of growth.
Arachnophobes, stop reading right now. Because this is the story of a teenager with a severe fear of spiders being bitten
If the mere thought of spiders sends shivers down your spine then removing a section of your brain could help. (Although
The report noted the spiders were not dangerous and said the webs should be removed with basic maintenance. Though four years
The infestation is reminiscent of the 1990 film Arachnophobia Now crews have draped the 2,400sq ft home with tarpaulin and
...Rather the 'mould' was a nest of hundreds of baby spiders... a somewhat unwelcome surprise for an arachnophobe Jamie said
Is it a particularly hirsute caterpillar? That clump of hair that’s been clogging up your shower? No, it’s even worse. It’s
Recently, the British media has been in a frenzy (when are they ever not?), over the apparent surge in the UK population of the false widow spider... Typically, people up and down the country are now petrified of this new frontier of deadly arachnids, because quite simply, they're being sold a bunch of striking lies.
When a spider scurries into a room in which I am stationed, it generally carries on scurrying, blissfully unaware of my presence, the nonchalant little shit. I, on the other hand, start squealing like a stuck Alan Carr, get all of my feet - ALL OF THEM - up off the floor and start frantically searching for my slippers.
Saturday marks the anniversary of the Zoological Society of London. The international scientific, conservation and educational