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A living wage, good and affordable housing, and excellent education and training are all key to a good economy, the Archbishop
As a Christian I am always pleased when someone comes out of the closet and admits that they are a Christian, but it was with very mixed feelings that I read David Cameron's admission of faith. He seems rather muddled about what Christianity means and there are reasons to think that his declaration has a rather different motive.
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby once defended his inclusion on the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, saying
The Church of England has failed to dump its £80,000 stake in Wonga, five months after it was revealed to be indirectly investing
Should religion keeps its moral nose out of the affairs of the state? The Archbishop of Canterbury has had to defend the
Ed Miliband's proposed 'Wonga tax' on lenders to help their rival credit unions has come under fire from a payday industry
A Church of England consortium has bought 314 branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland in a £600 million deal. Church-backed
Credit unions, the financial groups championed by the Archbishop of Cantebury Justin Welby, would need state support to rival
There's plenty in Scripture - in the form of laws, sayings, parables and stories - about money-lending and financial practices. So, going by his own church's sacred text, does Welby's suggestion take things too far?
The Archbishop Of Canterbury has warned that targeting individual bankers for blame after the financial crisis is “lynch
The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that more work needs to be done if legislation introducing women bishops is to
The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced a campaign to stamp out homophobic bullying in Church of England schools as he
The Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered a stark warning that Britain is in an economic depression and could take a generation
Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, has said some gay relationships are "stunning" but said he supported the
The new Archbishop of Canterbury has backed away from a row with ministers over welfare changes - and admitted he used to
Iain Duncan Smith tonight hit back at claims by senior religious figures that government welfare reforms would hit children
The Archbishop of Canterbury has accused chancellor George Osborne of lacking the political will to break up the big banks
The new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has joked how he thought it was "absurd" to give him the position, and he considers
Supporters of the failed legislation to ordain women bishops said they were "devastated" with many saying they felt they
The Church of England has been plunged into turmoil after legislation introducing the first women bishops failed to clear