Large parts of the city have yet to be explored.
The German and Egyptian archeologists who discovered the 8m tall statue believe it is of the famed 19th dynasty pharoah.
The site seen from a satellite in June In August, IS beheaded renowned antiquities scholar Khaled al-Asaad, who had spend
LIDAR is not something you may have heard of, but its affect on our knowledge of ancient history has been utterly staggering
One of the largest hoards of Roman coins ever discovered in the UK has been unearthed by a builder. Metal detector enthusiast
An extraordinary hidden complex of archaeological monuments has been uncovered around Stonehenge using hi-tech methods of
Scientists have announced plans to sequence King Richard III's genomes in an attempt to discover more about the 15th century
The mystery surrounding the burial of Richard III under what became a Leicester car park has deepened yet further, with the
We know this: that all art is the product of the modern human brain with its beginnings, over 100,000 years ago, in Africa. There, our species Homo sapiens sapiens evolved before spreading out around the globe to become the most successful animal ever. Those who migrated to the icy lands of Europe encountered Neanderthal people who, having evolved there over such a long period, had probably developed fair skin. The dark skinned, fully modern migrants who interbred with them produced the first figurative art in Europe. They themselves, in turn, gradually became fairer as they adapted to life at higher latitudes. Those are the facts. This is fiction: 'Race'.
The skeletons are believed to be Medieval victims of the Plague These are not the first skeletons found on the Crossrail
So last week I pulled a big lever that deactivated my personal Facebook account. I took the red pill and unplugged myself from the matrix. Sure I'm going to miss staring vacantly at my news feed eight hours a day as amusing pictures of cats and unamusing pictures of peoples babies hone into view.
Honduras is very much off the beaten tourist track yet it boasts fantastic Mayan sculptures at Copan and the lush tropical island of Roatan.
Since antiquity Romania has been home to Europe's richest gold mines but after millennia of drilling much of the easily available gold has gone. As recently as 1989 one in ten of the population relied on gold for their livelihoods; today just 50,000 work the mines.