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As far as I can tell the only solution to the current state of the law would be if politicians in Russia could more clearly define the range of crimes that fall under the "hooliganism" label so that visitors would have a more clear idea of what would constitute an infringement.
There should be "frank discussions" about future Greenpeace protests following the arrest of activists and journalists in
A British man held in Russia for his part in a Greenpeace Arctic protest has spoken of his two-month ordeal in isolation
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Greenpeace has described the arrest of activists for protesting against drilling in the Arctic as a "circus" after a court
Greenpeace protesters have gathered at petrol stations across the country to plead for the release of 28 activists and two
David Cameron has tackled Vladimir Putin over the Greenpeace activists who are in prison in Russia after protesting against
A "silent call" for Russia to release a detained British journalist who was imprisoned for covering a Greenpeace protest
The Eiffel Tower was briefly closed this morning after a Greenpeace activist suspended himself from the French landmark to
A British environmental campaigner facing 15 years for alleged piracy has said she is "trying very, very hard not to lose