Arctic Circle

Russia showcased the world's first floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov to the media. The plant is designed to provide electricity to areas disconnected from the grid.
Sweden says it has mobilised all available resources to put out dozens of wildfires raging across the country.
It wasn't the station that was broken. It was the climate.
life less ordinary banner I had made it. I was here. The campaign, the preceding months, the flights, the lessons, the practice, the running, the camping, it had all been an epic rush. Time had finally slowed down. My goggles started to steam up as a tear or two dripped from my eyes. I was here, I had made it.
If you’re planning a romantic marriage proposal, take a lesson from Dale Sharpe. The photographer recently proposed to his
Not to be trumped by the third heir to the throne, I too am in the process of organising a return trip to Greenland and to the Arctic. Unexpectedly, the Greenlandic Tourist Board has kindly invited me back in December to celebrate Christmas in the capital city of Nuuk with the locals.
Want a job in the great outdoors? You'll need mad firearms skills, 20-20 vision, a loud voice and a suitcase full of very