arctic drilling

Charlotte Church sang outside the office of Shell on Wednesday to protest against the company's efforts to drill in the Arctic
Following an emotional campaign that pulled heartstrings worldwide, the much-loved toy company Lego has bowed to public demands
Greenpeace has made a shocking/touching/impactful/sad video about Lego's partnership with Shell and it's fair to say that
Greenpeace protesters have gathered at petrol stations across the country to plead for the release of 28 activists and two
David Cameron has tackled Vladimir Putin over the Greenpeace activists who are in prison in Russia after protesting against
A "silent call" for Russia to release a detained British journalist who was imprisoned for covering a Greenpeace protest
Dame Vivian Westwood and Jude Law were just two of the thousands of demonstrators across the UK who have demonstrated in
A Briton has been charged with piracy by Russian investigators after taking part in a protest against Arctic oil drilling
The parents of a British journalist held in Russia for suspected piracy following a Greenpeace protest have today issued
The Russian Coast Guard has reportedly boarded a Greenpeace ship and arrested the 25 activists on board, including six UK