Rowing with your parents can have a big impact, no matter what your age.
Theresa May has said the British people don’t want to argue any more. But what else are we going to talk about?
Hint: Don't get into an argument with a robot.
I was taken in by fallacious and damaging arguments - I have everything crossed that Ireland will end its damaging and shameful legacy
On Monday, one day prior to the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding, the Trump administration fulfilled its promise to
The most important parts of arguing with a child are knowing what you’re arguing about in the first place and understanding it’s okay for them to win.
'It should be about the person, not the STI.'
Over one quarter of Brits have ended a relationship over a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it has been revealed. A
Of course trans women have a different experience of womanhood to cisgender women, but excluding them from 'women's' spaces is basically denying the entire existence of their identity. How can you properly exist without being acknowledged as a real person for who you actually are?
The exchange so fascinated me that it succeeded in briefly slowing my power-walk down to a leisurely stroll (unheard of during the morning rush hour in London!) before I was once again swept up in the unrelenting tide of fellow commuters.
However, it is with only cautious optimism that I welcome the shadow Education Secretary's proposals. This is because it appears his only motivation for supporting debate lessons in state schools is to ensure that private schools do not have an unfair advantage.