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Your triggers are treasures and Gatekeeper's to your highest calling. They are an opportunity for more growth, more expansion, to let more light in and higher levels of consciousness. So we can recognise them for the illusion they are.
When we're constantly working, it's easy to forget the important things in life. Physical and emotional wellbeing are all
Sometimes the modern world can get a little overwhelming. Even if you build up the will-power to ignore your email for a
How is your quality of life? If balancing all your responsibilities is a major challenge, you may need to learn new life skills.
Mindfulness - the concept of being present in the moment and appreciating each moment - is something I believe is essential to living an ideal lifestyle. It is another theme that Arianna thoroughly explores in Thrive
I admit it: I've had issues. Whether stumbling into the office bleary eyed from lack of sleep, stressed out from the commute, or plain grumpy and in need of a boost, there has always been one thing I've gone to. Coffee. One delicious, double shot, skinny cappuccino and the world snapped back into focus, tiredness was held at bay, and energy returned.
The book comes at a time of what some have described as a well-being zeitgeist. The new way of thinking seems to be a return to what could be referred to as a 'simpler' life. Is mindfulness the new avant-garde of the well-being world? Perhaps there are a number of parallels between forward thinkers in art, culture, health, spirituality and wellness.
Talking about feelings runs the risk of ridicule and rejection. The idea of finally plucking up the courage to talk to someone about what is emotionally going on lays ourselves open and bare to others opinions and in worst case scenario judgment and rejection. What is more excruciating than chastising oneself for harboring feelings that aren't seen as healthy? To share these feelings and be judged and rejected by a family member or partner of friend. Who would risk that?
Has anyone noticed that things are a bit 'off' in the world at the moment? How do we set about course correcting? Can anyone come up with a solution?
To switch off the connectivity craving of the brain. To become aware of what is around you and embrace life for the time we have. My first digital detox was two weeks ago when we went to Devon.