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The life of an Entrepreneur can be a very stressful one. The combination of anxiety, fourteen hour days and an inability
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” Benjamin Franklin once said. And the science seems
I hadn't taken my shoes off and walked barefoot since last summer. But, a couple of weeks ago the sun was shining, the first signs of spring had emerged and I decided to indulge in being barefoot, my favourite method for bringing mind and body present, so that it is possible to hear the deeper stirrings of the soul.
The founder of the site is excited about the launch of Huffington Post in South Africa.
Sleep is something we all have in common - it's one of humanity's great unifiers. It binds us to one another, to our ancestors, to our past, and to the future. No matter who we are or where we are in the world and in our lives, we share a common need for sleep. And right now, we're in a sleep crisis... At the same time, in the last four decades, science has validated much of the ancient wisdom about the importance of sleep. We've made incredible discoveries about all the things going on in our brains and our bodies while we're sleeping...
The founder and Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group sat down with HuffPost Italy’s Lucia Annunziata in Rome
I find reading books brings me great joy - there is nothing better than a good book with inspiring words. A great book will inspire your imagination with the power of its words. However, I often find an inspirational quote on Facebook can do the same.
As a person whose life has been transformed by meditation, I love the 'time' excuse. If you can't find 20 minutes a day to meditate then you need two hours to meditate. I empathizse; I was very busy most of my life running in circles. It certainly took up all my time and, interesting enough, never seemed to break.
Your triggers are treasures and Gatekeeper's to your highest calling. They are an opportunity for more growth, more expansion, to let more light in and higher levels of consciousness. So we can recognise them for the illusion they are.
Stephen Fry narrates the comic film The film - co-produced by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales - was made by Founders Forum