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A 71-year-old jewelry store owner was rudely interrupted when a would-be robber attempted a heist on his store. The thief
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A gang of armed robbers stole more than £1 million of jewellery in a city centre raid, it has been revealed. Three men threatened
"The manager had briefed her staff the night before about Wheatley, telling them to be aware of him because of the media
Gripped tightly on the arms by police, the Skull Cracker has appeared in court accused of carrying out an armed robbery during
Absconded prisoner and convicted armed robber Michael Wheatley - aka the "Skull Cracker" - was arrested in east London police
BREAKING: 'Skull Cracker' Michael Wheatley Arrested In East London Police are investigating whether an armed robbery in Surrey
A man, who discovered the restaurant he was in had been raided by armed robbers while he was in the toilet, said it was like
Two men have been arrested on suspicion of the armed robbery of a pregnant woman who was in labour. Devery Kelley, 24 and
This incredible footage shows the moment a passenger on board a Seattle bus reacted with incredible reflexes when confronted