Armenian genocide

Yesterday marked the official commemoration date of the Armenian Genocide, which occurred just over a century ago. A day
Let me be clear: I am not an Armenian who seethes at the very mention of Turkey, who refuses to talk to Turks and eat in
Most of us are familiar with the holocaust in WW2 enacted by Nazi Germany against Jewish people, Gypsies, communists and the mentally ill but this week sees the 100th anniversary of another holocaust or Genocide, the Armenian Genocide in Turkey...
A hundred years ago today, 24 April 1915, the arrest of some 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople (Istanbul) marked the beginning of the Armenian genocide.
No matter where one stands on the centenary anniversary of the Armenian genocide, or on what fence one opts to sit instead, it is undeniable that there has been a huge groundswell of support in favour of recognition.
Those who have come to know me a bit over the years realise that I am ethnically Armenian, a native of East Jerusalem many moons ago when it was ruled by Jordan and someone whose legal, ecumenical or political work has often led him to wrestle with issues of justice and peace.
2014-1915 = 99 Just utter the words 'Armenian genocide' or mention the date '24 April 1915' to any Armenian in any corner
As an Armenian and a human being, I find it sad that even almost 100 years on, the genocide of 1915 has still gone unrecognised by it's perpetrator and also the UK and US (considering just how many other countries recognise it happened makes the few denying it somewhat sad and suspect).
Flagship Kardashian, Kim, who lashed out at Turkish Cosmo this time last year for putting her on the cover in the month of genocide remembrance, advises her sister to "be careful, because you're Armenian." Indeed, last year she wrote a blog post on the matter, emphasising her strong connection to her background.
In almost every memorial site dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust, one finds sections honoring non-Jews who saved Jews