I moved house yesterday. I won't lie, I did it the way one can do most things with greatest ease and minimal stress - I paid someone. Oh the shame! Not really, moving is a such a p.a.i.n. When the Boy and I moved in together a few years ago (3yrs, 5 months and 12 days), we verged on breaking up whilst trying to get the Ikea sofa up the stairs.
I had no idea what BooiakaÔ£™was about. Aquaterra's trusty website sold it as "Fresh from LA! An intense cardio workout incorporating vibrant dance moves of Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, Reggaeton and hip hop styles..." and true to it's advert, it was indeed a fusion style dance cardio workout.
For those of you who've been paying attention (there will be a short quiz at the end of this blog), you will know the importance the lovely Miss Yau places on a good name for a fitness class. And in this, amongst many other things - that woman is an oyster of wisdom, I tell you - she is absolutely right.
Everyone knows of Capoeira, if not only for its difficulty in spelling and pronounciation (ka-poo-eh-ra, I believe). But few, unless you've tried it, probably know exactly how tricky it is to perform.
This class is a solid ballet barre class but the best part of it is that the price is a fraction of many, if not most, other ballet barre classes. Not to mention that you have the added variety of many other classes at the same place. Perhaps just leave the thai boxing for a separate day.
I see why House Dance can create curiosity - you hear house music on the radio and think, "that's way too fast, how on Earth would you dance to that?" And the answer is...with difficulty.
Tricking. And Tumbling. What is that? What indeed. I'm not sure exactly where the line is drawn between the two (the few classes I've seen include both), but in general, they seem to be a mix between martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics.
There is one thing to note when you sign up to the Beach Body Blitz class - if it is the spin and studio class, only half of the class is spinning. After 28minutes (thereabouts), we hopped off our bikes and moved to another studio for the toning part of the class.
This is a fun, funky urban dance class to current tunes, with an added focus on fitness moves. Today was one of the first (if not the first!) Strut & Step class ever and song of the day was Beyonce's Girls Who Run The World. It was a goodie.
I'm not really a yoga person, it's true - I'm more of believer that you need to get your sweat on and be totally out of breath in order to be working out but I know that many others swear by yoga.