Today's class was kickboxing, which, as you may have guessed, is a combination of boxing and kicking.
Overall the class was quite fun today - the group were a cheerful bunch and because the exercises involved using the frame and the WOD had people moving around, it seemed like a much more interactive session.
I may have done the CXWorx class straight after the Bodyattack class (I had a wedding at the weekend and had to make up a class!), which arguably may have made me a tad tired but I figured a 30-minute class would be fine. The body can go through a lot if it knows that's only 30-minutes, I say.
After a few rounds of the circuits, the fun part then began. The room was re-arranged into a giant circle of circuits, the mini-hurdles, some zigzag cones for sprint-touch, a nice empty section for burpee push-ups and an elongated section for travelling side step taps on the bench.
I've long thought that music can make a world of difference to any workout and if good, classic cheese if your style, then this class is yours. We had Madonna, Britney and Christina within the first 20minutes and they, along with ever-cheerful Instructor Rob, kept up going track after track.
Every Wednesday morning (during the summer as far as I think), the neighbouring swish 37¬į arranges a free morning bootcamp session. And though the grey clouds loomed ominously, 6 brave girls turned up at 7.30am to follow Instructor Hester (and her impressive arms!)
Oh yes, you heard right. A rave class. If you're thinking of a dark room, flashing lights, glow sticks and crazy dancing, then you are bang on.
Circuit training. Almost sounds boring, eh? I had to spice up the title a little, else you wouldn't be here would you? And this is a class worth reading about. Actually, it's a class worth attending, but one step at a time my little ones.
So, I'm back at Heartcore - the hidden gem (not for much longer!) from Day 56 TRXCore where I tried the much-more-difficult-than-it-looks-in-those-google-videos TRX Suspension class. I would've gone back to try TRXCore again but then that wouldn't make for a very interesting review and someone made up some rules about trying different classes (ppff) so here I am, at Heartcore's XtendBarre class.
Once you get used to the vibration of the plates during the exercises, Instructor Brian explained that you can make exercises harder and harder, either with additional equipment (medicine balls, kettlebells etc) or upp-ing the vibration. One key A-ha! moment was when he explained that when doing standing exercises, knees should be kept soft.