Arrested Development

Whether they've been set around kitchen tables or living room sofas, in working class lives or elite intellectual ones, family
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The first photos from the set of Arrested Development Season 4 have emerged - and this is by far and away our favourite: Yes
American cousins! And other Americans to whom I am not related! Ever found yourself at a tea party - the British, not crazed lunatic Republican, kind - and suddenly been at a loss for words when the topic of conversation moves, inevitably, to British television comedy? Fear not. For here is a handy guide to What To Say in such a situation - or indeed, when conversing with Brits in the Huffington Post Comedy Club comments. The following 20 pointers are intended to make you blend in with British people...
Ever dreamed of a US version of The Thick Of It? Or a comedy version of The West Wing? Well, your dreams are set to come
Do you want the good news, or the good news? Okay, first, Arrested Development is on its way back to our screens. The award