arron banks

Ukip donor Arron Banks has shelved plans to get the courts to overturn the decision to make Vote Leave the leading Brexit
Businessman set out his plan to run the party in a private email to treasurer
Businessman Arron Banks made an audacious bid to take over the running of Ukip in the wake of last year’s General Election
Businessman could lead a rebranding of the party post-referendum
Businessman Arron Banks is being considered as Ukip’s new chairman in a move that could lead to a rebranding of the party
With the EU Referendum likely to take place in June this year, those who would like to see the UK vote to leave are gearing
Rival EU leave campaigns are set to meet next Tuesday for a showdown meeting in an attempt to finally bring the groups under
Pro-Brexit group Leave.EU has today hired an adviser who has previously described the organisation as "mad", "useless" and
A major Ukip backer has blamed rules from the European Union for the recent flooding. Millionaire businessman Arron Banks
Liz Bilney Liz Bilney is not a big fan of interviews. The chief executive of, one of the two campaign groups calling