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But as I walk into the Pavilions, I forget all my troubles, all the hassles getting to Venice, all the constant queues (and my footwear); I am transported into the magic of the Art. All the pavilions are offering something to discover, to receive, to learn from. And that makes me humble and so happy.
A man has been charged with criminal damage after a Mark Rothko painting was defaced at London's Tate Modern gallery. Wlodzimierz
A man who claimed responsibility for defacing a Mark Rothko painting a the Tate Modern has been arrested on suspicion of
A man has claimed responsibility for defacing a valuable Mark Rothko at the Tate Modern art gallery, but denied he is a vandal
A vandal who walked into the Tate Modern art gallery and defaced a valuable painting by Mark Rothko is being hunted by police
Boris Mikhailov is a photographer from the Ukraine, born in 1938, who works between Berlin and the Ukrainian town of Kharkov, having left the city during the communist era he returned to find that although on the surface capitalism had brought a better standard of living and increased the vibrancy of the city, with the introduction of a rich section of society there was also a new issue with homelessness.
I remember meeting Michael Bracewell at the ICA's 50th birthday celebration. I was a teenager and my friend and I were skulking in the green room, nobody wanted to speak to us.