Arthur Smith

I started Stand up for Labour in July 2012 in a bid to cheer up Labour supporters and raise money for campaigning. Since then, we have managed to raise over £100,000 from events in England, Wales and Scotland. Friday sees Stand up for Labour's 150th event - and last event before the General Election - when we visit Coventry. This is a good time to reflect on the highlights of this comedy fest...
I'm still bemused as to why the sight of me naked is funny (yeah you can keep your comments to yourself on that one...) but it pretty much always gets a laugh, often a really big one.
When I wrote to former Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey to ask if he would speak at a Stand up for Labour event it was a shot in the dark.
To save money on paying the police, England and Wales are now blessed with cheaper "Community Support Officers" to back-up the 'real' police. I suspect (with no evidence, m'lud) that these are often wanna policemen and wannabe policewomen with over-developed superiority complexes.