It seems nonsensical that, following a 5-0 humiliation during the worst tour in history, England have discarded their best
Kevin Pietersen's international career came to an end after nine turbulent years, with England's management deciding unanimously
England land back on home soil on Monday night with several issues to clarify ahead of the World Twenty20 tournament next
Andy Flower has been sacked as England coach following their disastrous Ashes tour this winter. Australia recorded a 5-0
Getting thrashed is something. Getting thrashed and learning and changing nothing is unforgivable. So what lessons can we take from England's 5-0 drubbing down under..
Two of my favourite speeches come from the late 11th Century. They read as match reports for England's disastrous Ashes performance; they offer some clues and advice for the beleagured captain, Alastair Cook.
Yet for England, a perfect occasion for experimentation with a view to the future presents itself in the summer of 2014 with the decidedly less intimidating task of a home test series against a depleted Sri Lankan side. The point should be made clearly: badly needed is reform and refinement, not revolution.
Former England captain Nasser Hussain has warned Alastair Cook he has some tough questions to answer if he is to continue
As one of England's finest bowlers, Swann's sudden departure dramatically altered what was left of England's morale, leaving captain Alastair Cook under severe pressure to map out England's plan b.
Durham all-rounder Ben Stokes has provided a rare glimmer of optimism on England's calamitous current Ashes tour. Whereas the established players have failed, this 22 year old, who was not in the side at the start of the series, has now scored England's only century thus far...