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The Black Lives Matter-inspired routine won the only award voted for by the public at this year’s ceremony.
"Of course he is allowed to say it. That is his prerogative," the DOI judge has said.
The likes of Ashley Banjo, Coleen Nolan, Linda Lusardi and Chris Hughes stripped to encourage people to check themselves.
Due to the coronavirus crisis, things have been working a little differently to usual this time around.
The dance troupe's routine on Britain's Got Talent sparked more than 24,000 complaints to Ofcom.
The dance troupe's Britain's Got Talent performance won some very high-profile support.
Troupe leader Ashley Banjo recently shared shocking examples of racist abuse he's received since the performance aired.
Piers Morgan has voiced his support for Diversity’s BLM-themed performance on Britain’s Got Talent, after the dance troupe’s performance received thousands of complaints. Diversity’s routine, inspired by the events of 2020, included references to the killing of George Floyd, and the following global protests.
The dance troupe recently performed a routine which referenced the Black Lives Matter on Britain's Got Talent.
The dance troupe leader insisted: "A lot of the negativity shows exactly why this performance was needed."