Ashwin Willemse

"I wanted to deal with this matter appropriately... and I realise it was not a light matter... it's legitimate pain".
'By not participating, Willemse could not challenge the versions of Botha, Mallett and the studio staff.'
Four black presenters have made claims of victimisation, pay disparity and intimidation against the channel, according to reports.
The sports presenter's lawyer told Jacaranda FM that they are at an advanced stage with preparing the court documents.
Mallett had reportedly previously written to SuperSport management asking not to be put on air with Willemse.
'Willemse’s case illustrates the perniciousness of quota systems. Talent is glossed over, and skin colour rewarded unjustifiably.'
'It looks like the South African public is once again going to be robbed of the chance to see conflict handled well publicly.'
'This incident should serve as an opportunity to reflect and make this a teachable moment for all of us.'
It has been a symbol of division for too long, many in the black and coloured rugby community say.
'Racism permeated all sports. But rugby was where the greatest pain was felt, no doubt because Afrikaners misguidedly claimed it as their sport.'