Ashya King

Many of these men are terrified by the thought of the side effects of surgery and traditional radiotherapy, which include double incontinence and erectile dysfunction. So they start researching the alternatives - and it inevitably leads them to proton therapy.
My cancer has made me a more anxious person, compared to the incredibly confident young woman I was before. Nothing ever worried me. Now I get upset easier. I've had a big reality check. But I'm working, I'm living my life, and as you read this I'll be fulfilling a lifelong dream by travelling around Asia for three months with my best friend. This is what I should have been doing when I left university. This is why I've been so frustrated.
The parents of Ashya King put him "at risk" by taking him abroad for cancer treatment without consent, according to a new
Ashya King's life was saved because he was given treatment not available for him on the NHS, his parents have alleged. The
The NHS is spending £250 million on two of the first-generation proton beam machines, to be based in London and Manchester respectively, which are due to be operational before the end of 2018.
Ashya King is undergoing his first tests at a Czech clinic as doctors prepare him for proton treatment. The five-year-old
This is the joyful moment the parents of young cancer patient Ashya King were finally reunited with their son in a Spanish
The parents of Ashya King have been reunited with their sick son. Brett and Naghmeh King saw the five-year-old brain tumour
As the mother of a severely disabled child, I know first hand how parents of sick and disabled children can be bullied and pressurized by health professionals, and are often vilified and criminalised, just by virtue of having what is known to the system as a "vulnerable child".
Ashya King's father has learned how far reporters will go to get people to talk to them. Brett and Naghmeh King gave a press