A "squealing" mobster boss has been brutally murdered by a rival clan who fed him alive to pigs. Police believe Francesco
A Tibetan- British monk, who set up one of the first Buddhist monasteries in Britain has reportedly been "assassinated" in
Sensitive evidence alleged to expose poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko's ties to MI6 will be examined in secret, a coroner
A British journalist is in intensive care in a Sri Lankan hospital after being shot in what a senior United Nations official
In the most comprehensive investigation of attacks on the British Royal Family, 23 were found to have taken place between 1778 and 1994.
Greater awareness of the link between delusional fixations on public figures and subsequent attacks could aid prevention and encourage earlier intervention in people who, irrespective of whether they eventually attack, have delusional preoccupations which ruin their lives.
A British oil executive gunned down in Brussels could have been the victim of targeted assassination or a random mugging
A British oil executive has been shot dead in front of his wife in an 'assassination-style' killing in Belgium. Nicholas
In more than a quarter of a century since his violent death, Olof Palme has retained the ability to command headlines and divide opinion just as he did during his lifetime.
A group of American soldiers formed an armed militia and planned to kill President Obama and overthrow the US government