ANC MP Mduduzi Manana says there is an independent witness that will prove Christine Wiro was lying.
The Democratic Alliance laid charges of extortion, bribery and corruption against Mduduzi Manana on Monday.
But Manana says the clip is proof that his domestic worker used the charges against him to extort money from him.
Mduduzi Manana says his former domestic worker's family tried to extort him for R100 000.
The Los Angeles district attorney is investigating allegations by an adult man that he was sexually assaulted by the actor.
The ANC says it has suspended the man who kicked the woman to the ground.
Hlumelo Biko’s wife, Sandisiwe, filed a complaint against her husband, Steve Biko's son, on New Year’s Day.
We need to end the gender pay gap and have a culture which empowers young women so that instead of feeling guilty and embarrassed, women have the confidence that they can put people's arms and hands back where they belong, in no uncertain terms, without the need for formal or public intervention but in the knowledge that they will not face retribution and their complaint will be taken seriously.
Hitting children is often seen as an inalienable parental 'right', and an effective parenting technique, but research now