Assem Allam

A millionaire donor has offered to support Labour MPs who want to break away from the party after Jeremy Corbyn's election
Hull City owner Assem Allam's application to change the name of the club to Hull Tigers has been rejected by the Football
Ignorant owners are now at risk of becoming a scourge in the game as a result of their thoughtless actions in proposing changes to the side which supporters don't agree with. The price to pay to have club investment is telling.
Nicola Cortese's methods have proved highly successful and after a double promotion, Southampton now find themselves flying high in the Premier League. Why? Unlike others in the Premier League, he is highly knowledgeable of the game and puts football before business.
For football supporters there have been plenty of progressive changes over the past few decades; safer and more comfortable stadiums, the gradual demise of hooliganism and a far more welcoming environment for families. Along with all of the good stuff, almost inevitably, there have been some less palatable alterations to the modern game...
The club's crest will be rebranded According to the Mail's report, Allam wants to market the club as Hull City Tigers locally