According to new research by Asthma UK, over a third of sufferers are at risk of a potentially fatal asthma attack. A study
British scientists are in the midst of developing an anti-viral drug that could protect sufferers from life-threatening symptoms
Spring has sprung. Oh sun in the sky, blossom on the trees, you know how I feel. Forget the 'after Christmas bloats' in January - spring is the perfect time to cleanse ourselves and have a good detox.
A melt-in-the-mouth tablet made from a protein found in house dust mite droppings could revolutionise the treatment of asthma
Children with asthma are prevented from getting access to inhalers in schools due to "needless red tape", despite almost
A bedside purification system that cleans the air while asthma sufferers sleep significantly reduces their symptoms, a study
The UK is lagging behind other countries on survival rates for breast, bowel and cervical cancer and has much higher hospital
Paracetamol could lead to the development of asthma and exacerbate the condition for existing sufferers, according to a new
Danish scientists have discovered a significant new link between hormone replacement therapy and asthma attacks. The research
Drinking two or three glasses of wine a week could reduce the risk of asthma, a new study has revealed. The research found